Tuesday, 3 March 2015


once upon a time, a new blog came to life with one & only expectation - satisfy my love for fashion - it was D'OLIVEIRA FASHION BLOG.

However, time-to-time as the seasons of fashion fade giving space for another season & as butterfly beautifully reborn from a body that cannot hold any more her splendour...

...the D'OLIVEIRA FASHION BLOG felt the need to put a X on this page & build a more sophisticated & polished vests as this velvet seXy, right?!
Vogue Portugal November 2014

I will be waiting for you there!

Never forget: #BeYOUtiful #BeWild #NotRegular

LOVE | Luís de Oliveira 

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Oscar Timeless

hello my fabulous!!!!


This day was born in 1929, May 16 at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel and covered the movies from 1927 to 1929 - yeh wow

From that pool, the stand out winners were 
Janet Gaynor & Emil Jannings!

Janet Gaynor - 7th Havens, Street Angel & Sunrise 
Emil Jannings - The Last Command & The Way of All Flesh

if in the ancient times, the celebrations were made to thanks the Gods, today the celebrities on Oscars Red Carpet thanks their fabulous fashion designers & stylists - also we, fashion bloggers - for the marvellous dresses & suits that once upon a time could make a statement on the glamour & brightest ceremonies of Kings & Queens! 

Let's remind those dazzling Best Nominees Dresses of Oscars?! Have a look!

The timeless couture Dior gown did shine on 90s, but it would hit on (20)15s!
|Nicole Kidman|
|Tom Cruise|

They did a great stand out with this look, don't you agree?!

Who will be the dream charming couple of 2015 Oscars?!
|Juliette Lewis & 
 |Brad Pitt|

The Goldest gown for the Goldest Winner!Just Lanvin!
|Merly Streep|

This is one of my favourites Oscars dresses! Look how she is stunning & sexy and at the same time chic & classy!
|Sandra B.|

I know that she is natural beautul, but...the right dress makes everything better!!Specially if it is a Versace dress! Right Angelina?!
|Angelina Jolie|

This is a dress worth it to be shown, specially if is designed by the person who is wearing it...& it is the case ;) Just unique!!
|Kim Basigner| *1990*

We are not able to see the colour, but there is the floral & backs are showing! Perfect!
|Audrey Hapburn|

Christian Dior is always a peaceful and the havens choice for a Oscar! 
Just in love how it fits her body!
|Charlize Theron|

Our FABULOUS SARA JESSICA PARK just could be in CHANEL Haute Couture!
It is simple, but with all the grace!

For me, one of the "perfect-est-Dior" style moments of the Oscars #RedCarpet played by
|Jennifer Lawrence| *2013*

The looks of Oscars trough time wouldn't be complete without the actual person who is hitting - or should I say hotting - the Golden Season #RedCarpet2015 
|Juliane Moore in Yves Saint Laurent| 

So, what will she wearing tonight?? I am really curious!! & YOU?

Let's find out all together on the Facebook, while I am covering the event just for you!!

While, I am hosting on Facebook...
...Neil Patrick Harris will be hosting the Live OSCARS | THE ACADEMY!

for this year - 2015 - celebrities already has been teasing us about her dresses, let's go to my Facebook & find all out!

I will be there waiting for YOU!

If you are in Portugal you can watch the RED CARPET on E!Entertainment from 10.30PM to 1.30AM & on SIC at 12.40 AM!

LOVE | Luís de Oliveira

Monday, 16 February 2015

The Profound Statement of Grey

hello my Fabulous!

today's #SensingStyle rubric is all about Grey - no it is not trilogy of Fifty Shades of Grey, but it is full of glamour & sexiness - & a woman that likes to be classy, while being sexy & with comfort!

CAROLINA HERRERA is a woman of luxury & style that reflect it in all of her designs!
Carolina Herrera
while watching today her fall winter 2015 fashion show at New York Fashion Week - you can watch by click here -, I noticed that grey is a colour that you will be seeing in stores along the next winter - even if in different styles - & by curiosity - or by an irresistible desire - I went back - or should I say present, because in fact we are in the fall winter 14-15 season - to the fall winter 14-15 collection &....

....my eyes couldn't be way from this fabulous GREY that dress luxury, comfort & modernity! Aren't you in LOVE?! 
Carolina Herrera Fall Winter 14-15 Fashion Show

This style is fabulous for you that want to feel more tall & powerful, while super feminine! Well, with that outfit you can also visualise yourself in the chic roads of Paris! Isn't it that a great way to fell amazing?! 
By the way, with that who needs Mr.Grey?! 

Like that we welcome this wonderful week: in style & fabulos...

LOVE | Luís de Oliveira 

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Valentine's Day | LOVE who?!

hello my Fabulous Valentines or should I say Valentinos - valentino shoes, bags..well all of it??!

i know that I have been off this week, but I am preparing many surprises for you!! Believe me, YOU will love all of it! All I can say is that you will find a D'Oliveira Fashion Blog full of novel interactions and perspectives hehe I AM SO EXCITED!!!!

however, I could not let pass in this day without a polished #DFBlogMood diamond! Because the Valentine's Day for some people are just a day where you will face the depression of being single and for others the happy day to celebrate the power of Love. Whereas, if you are single - in other words, free for enjoy yourself hard, right!?! -, you must not be depressed, since....

...you just will be able to LOVE the other, when you LOVE YOURSELF first & it is my message to YOU!
So, take your fabulous shoes - where it is a Louboutin or Valentino - & Love Your-True-SELF!

Like that you will be shining & as I have heard - Good Shoes take you to Fabulous Places ;)

LOVE | Luís de Oliveira

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Choose to be Your-TRUE-Self

hello Fabulous Followers!!!

in a world where everyone is representing a version of themselves in many different situations, from their work environment to their own life - believe me, that happen!!! - being Your-True-Self is a very hard task!

...therefore, this time...

...#DFBlogMood Rubric is about you 

Emma Watson

the search for your-true-self essence is not always easy! When you born, a lot of expectations are put into a singe little human, who will keep growing and sometimes feeling repressed because of the nonsense black or white rules of society! Ask Holly - Audrey Hepburn character - from Breakfast at Tiffany's - I have seen this week & I loved - she keeps looking around for the richest men under 50s even if it means being a whole new person - or should I say character?! - and just in the end, she accepts the real love of her life!


Will you wait until you are old to be

my dear reader, take & shake yourself! Go around I try new things! TRY NEW CLOTHS, DO YOUR HAIR, DO YOUR MAKE-UP, TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY & SOUL and in the end, the world will open a new whole door, window & whatever just for you SHINE

LOVE YOURSELF | Luís de Oliveira


Monday, 2 February 2015

Models | Mannequin Shaped or Unique Touch?!

Fabulous Followers, Welcome to the 1st #FashionView Rubric of 2015!
Eric O'Connor
as you know - you that have grown with me & my blog - I have been developing the way that I communicate with you, my marvellous followers, bringing new rubrics and the #DFBlogStyle. Whereas, we must not forget that #FASHIONview is the soul of my blog, where movies, celebrities, models, fashion industry are translated to society in means of style to enhance your-true-self soul and discuss views. Therefore, I am excited for this rubric & I must say YOU MUST BE TOO!! 

Daniela Hanganu
this topic came to my mind as soon as I saw our little - but BIG - #PortuguesePride| Daniela Hanganu at the Chanel Fashion Show SS15. And you must be thinking - WHY?! To be honest, instantaneously she appeared to me as having a UNIQUE TOUCH of GODS, which distinguish her from the other untouched immaculate models - FROM THE VALLEY OF THE DOLLS - MANNEQUINS - with a clean design, exact proportion, an elegant aspect to fit a dress perfectly, which to be good must be alike a human figure (as Andrea Bonaveri describes).

Models and mannequins in a Helmut Newton shoot for Vogue, March 1968

as we can see on the Helmut Newton shoot, models are really similar to these silent stars of the fashion world - mannequins. About them is said by British Vogue January 2014 that "A face can be a commercial disadvantage". So, what are we facing here?! Fashion industry, fashion agencies and probably designers have been looking in all history of fashion for that perfect model, who will match the mannequin shape, turning human beings - catwalk models - into interchangeable dolls that will make for us - fashionistas, bloggers, journalists, society - a very odd exercise of paying attention only to the human forms and ignoring their dress. Of course, fashion shows are meant to be the 1st time where society is exposed to the couture of fashion houses, whereas why this feeling around the Freud based concept of uncanny - the story of a young man who fell in love with an automaton - that fashion industry is expressing?! Why this need in make a model an invisible mannequin?! Is that to bring the uncanny feeling into les passerelles?! Is it again to elevate the unknown mystery?! To use models as a vehicle for a concept?! Well, fair enough, it could be like having a great script and a bad actor

This unknown mystery was very present on Autumn/Winter 15-16 Menswear in the form of genderless entities!

Just ask Alessandro Michele, now creative director of GUCCI!

but what is certain is that Gucci could breath again & it is the most talked fashion show of Autumn/Winter 2015/16 Men's Fashion Weeks! One of the opinion rubric of Business of Fashion by Angelo Flaccavento point that "Waif-like models, their lanky, hairless bodies capturing the fickleness of adolescence on the brink of adulthood, strolled by on almost every catwalk", and so, are we again talking about the Mannequin shaped models?! or is there another message!? Dear Alessandro please to with us!
Fashion Industry has been evolving & the perspective of UNIQUE TOUCH is growing, just ask Cara Delevingne! 

Cara Delevingne in Allure Magazine, October 2014 Issue

this girl phenomenon with "impish beauty with the upturned nose, dominating eyebrows and piercing blue eyes" - as described on British Vogue - is all but not that mannequin shaped model! However, the world & all fashion industry went mad for her work & the PERSONALITY she brings to it!

with Cara, a whole generation of FASHION'S IT-GIRLS is coming to live & catwalks, right CHIARA FERRAGNI?!
Chiara Gerragni at Moschino Spring Summer 2015 Fashion Show
Chiara Ferragni is the FASHION BLOGGER that changed & keeps changing the reputation of us - Fashion Bloggers - giving our JOB - or should I say passion for communicate fashion?! -  a big part to play in Fashion! She started by herself in 2009 - at least it is what tell her blog achieves - & now she has collaborations with the most famous brands of the world and has access to the backstage of many fashion shows as it example the Victoria's Secret Show - well, she is an inspiration *-*

as we can see, models with personality or UNIQUE TOUCH seem to be required for the success of FASHION BRANDS. 

The list of these models is now more complet with our #PortuguesePrideGirl Daniela Hanganu by being the 1st Portuguese model working for CHANEL!

Daniela Hanganu at CHANEL Spring Summer 2015 Fashion Show 
Daniela Hanganu, Joans Malls & Kendal Jenner

if you look closer, Daniela has her unique characteristics that make her a special model & she is not that thin mannequin face doll! She has a quite different face traces & an exquisite lips, where all together makes her a unique piece in Fashion!    

CHANEL was her last stop, but Daniela has been on the train that already stopped on Christian Dior!

so, these starts - Daniela, Chiara & Cara - are examples that Fashion is moving forward to a different place & models shapes requirements are now starting to be in a much different place as well! So, the ultimate question is:

Would BEATRIZ COSTA - Portuguese icons of theatre in 20s - be a FASHION'S IT-GIRL if she lived our days? 

Beatriz Costa

well, remains the question! But one thing is certain, the fashion world is going to a UNIQUE TOUCH perceptive & so should you!

Because #BeYOUtiful is a matter of loving your-true-self & take care of one of the best present you have on this life | YOUR BODY!

LOVE | Luís de Oliveira

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Back to Essentials

hello my people!

welcome to... this new week full of opportunities... & to... 
....a new rubric #DFBlogMood | BACK TO ESSENTIALS!

We just ended the Men's Fashion Weeks in Paris & Spring Summer 15 is already on our doors!

Chanel is following the same path of Fall Winter 14-15 Style!

let's find out what other houses are planing for this spring?! Click here!

well, stay tuned with D'Oliveira Fashion Blog & never forget:
#BeHappy #BeWild #BeYOUtiful #NotRegular!

LOVE | Luís de Oliveira